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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Feature: festive balloons by FauxKiss


This is a mixed media collage by Jean Cody entitled "festive balloons."It is available at her shop: FauxKiss on etsy. This listing can be found here.

Viewing this piece, I was struck by its color, character, and media.  The color is probably the first thing that draws the eye to the piece, particularly the way the bright, vivid colors of the balloons pop in contrast to the subdued beige tones of the background.  The color is bold and strong, and yet translucent in the sense that the aged page on which the image is printed shows through. Which leads to the character of the piece: colorful balloons juxtaposed on a page from the dictionary.  The playful overlays the technical. It's an interesting visual and conceptual dichotomy. Which of course brings the focus to the media and a consciousness about the construction of the image: it's an image printed atop what is essentially already an image. And yet the image created by this combination acts as a whole, as one singular visual.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the pieces available at FauxKiss on etsy.


  1. Love this print. You're right the colours are fantastic against the aged page. I took a look at her shop too. Love them all. So original.

  2. How beautiful! I love the colors, layers and feel of this work.

  3. Gorgeous piece! You have such an amazing description of it as well! Impressive.

  4. Love this... balloons always make me smile! ;)