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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Feature: among the pumpkins by abbytrysagain

This is a photograph Abby Powell Thompson entitled "among the pumpkins." It is available at her shop: abbytrysagain on etsy. This listing can be found here.

Viewing this piece, I was struck by its color, character, and compositional element.  Color is one of the main components that makes the piece visually appealing; particularly the range of color. The eye is drawn to the super saturated tone of the orange of the pumpkins, and then the deep magenta of the stockings, and then through the softer red-washed tones in the rest of the image that dissipate into highlights of white. Color draws they eye in and moves it through the composition. Color contributes to the character of the piece.  The super saturated tones juxtaposed with strong light and therefore shadows that gives this piece an atmosphere. For the strength of the light in the image, the light of the scene seems very atmospheric in that the highlights aren't too severe or sharp in appearance, and neither are the shadows. There is a softness and embracing quality to the light in the piece, that in combination with the saturation of the color creates a mood of intrigue.
The image is, quite literally, a photo of what is presumably a female, wearing a dress or skirt and stockings standing in a pumpkin patch. Of course, while the details are quite literal, the cropping of the compositional elements makes them more figurative, more dreamy, more open to interpretation. The cropping focuses the viewer's attention on a combination of shapes and textures that act in concert with one another. The saturated areas of color contain the least textural shapes, where as the areas in the wash of atmospheric light have more texture.  There is an interplay between the planes of color and the segmented or sectional areas of light. All of which acts together to tantalize the viewer's eye.
I encourage you to check out the rest of the pieces available at abbytrysagain on etsy.


  1. THanks for this post about my photo. I love hearing what you think of it. I really try to compose my photos with the idea that what I'm cropping out leaves room for the imagination.
    Thanks! xo Abby

  2. That is an intriguing image.