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Saturday, March 7, 2009

9 March 2009

“Since I came back” by Jennifer Z. Roszell, etsy seller jzroszell

This piece is a print of an original mixed media painting by Jennifer Z. Roszell. The image acts on a dichotomy of that which is soft and romantic and that which is modern and exact. The modernity is expressed primarily through silhouette forms with different treatments in the same shade. The hummingbird and flowers contrast most from the lightness of the background, acting equally as graphic elements, but the hummingbird is patterned where as the flowers are not. And the pattern of the hummingbird is modern; even as a very truncated and cropped sample it displays a stylized shape of peonies in flat contrasting tones. In contrast the background of the image is a menagerie of pattern elements that are softer and more classical in their image canon and presentation. There is sheet music on paper that is yellow with age, soft muted floral patterns, muted pastel paint treatments, text presented in a typewriter font also on aged paper, a fleur de lis, and a large portion graphically elegant handwriting also presented on aged paper. And these separate pattern elements of the background are presented in different and abstract shapes, portions, and juxtapositions to blend together and contrast from one another. And yet in the larger composition, these elements remain primarily in the background, allowing the bird and flowers (and bubbles) to occupy the foreground.
available at:

“Comin' Back Soon (The Bereft Man's Song)” by Crash Test Dummies from the album “The Ghosts That Haunt Me”

artist: Edward Hopper
Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967) was an American artist who painted in a “realist” style. He was born in Nyack, New York. He attended the New York Institute of Art and Design. His paintings are often characterized by their realistic portrayal of contemporary American life. His most famous work is ‘Nighthawks” (oil on canvas, 1942).
National Gallery of Art
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Museum of Fine Art (Boston)



  1. Beautiful art piece....and Edward Hopper is a fav...

  2. I love the softness of that piece.

  3. Wonderful feature. I really love this piece.

  4. Great feature on a wonderful artist - and I do particularly love this piece. Thanks for introducing us to her work ;)

  5. Wonderful image!

    (... and I like the hummingbird cake too!)

  6. Very pretty! I love this style:)