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Monday, January 26, 2009

26 January 2009

“Beached” by Andrea Robin (etsy seller moonindigo)

This is a giclee print of a mixed media collage. The composition presents the image of a fish bowl, complete with rocks, foliage, and the stereotypical prop castle, a woman in a bathing suit, seated cross-legged, in a bathing suit and cap, and a goldfish. The fishbowl and seated woman are placed at the bottom of the composition to suggest that it is the ground, in that both objects project shadows (albeit in different directions). The background of the piece is very abstract in composition, it is mostly a muted ecru with a slightly greenish tinge, although is contains scrapes of very subtle pink, blue, and yellow, as well as linear treatments of blue, which occur at such a point in the composition that they appear to suggest the representation of a horizon created by a body of water. Much of the image is based on the suggestion created by the direct significance of the representational images in contrast to abstract elements. This ultimately is surreal, in that the goldfish in the image is placed in the upper right-hand corner of the composition, contrasting the preexisting suggestion of beach, water, and sky, in that it’s position would indicate that it is in the sky. So, the image connotes concepts of home as a small place versus the world as a home as a large place, the idea that the fish in a bowl is apart from the fish in the geographical body of water. It connotes concepts of the woman as an owner, or companion, or liberator, and potentially connotes the concept of freedom as abstract between the graphic elements and the title.

available at:

Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills, & Nash, from the album “Daylight Again”


Man Ray
Emmanuel Radnitzky (August 27, 1890 – November 18, 1976), was an American artist best known for his avant-garde photography and photograms which he termed “rayographs”, who contributed to both the Dada and Surrealist movements.
Man Ray Trust





  1. I love that print. It is so 'dreamy'. Thanks for sharing!

  2. very intriguing I like your explanation of the piece from the colors to what you the artist is representing. =D

  3. That's pretty cool! Thought-provoking.